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Ilaria Bellomo devoted herself to the study of Noir.

Drawing inspiration from its mysterious nature, she found herself on a quest - to bring out its mystifying essence and translate it into art using her unique language.

Not an exercise in style but rather a profound and spiritual search for the point at which the Noir and Planet Earth meet.

An oneiric dimension that manifests itself through textiles made with a weaving loom in wood, along with other ancient craft techniques.

The creation comprises precious natural yarns, ancient and vintage clothes fragments, found objects, fragrances, and natural elements.It is a fusion of elements from different ages and origins, weaving together a layered tapestry of memories and individual fragments that connect with ancient and unknown ones.

A place where the past, present and future merge in a dimension where space and time dissolve.

Yielding life to an uncharted place which belongs only to the Collective Unconscious.


Ilaria Bellomo by M.Martin